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Dietary Aides

Mid Level

Patient Nutrition Assistant

Senior Level


Pathway Category

Senior Level: These positions are typically high-level management or specialized positions and require significant education, such as a master’s degree or advanced doctorate degree, in addition to applicable licenses, leadership training, and extensive experience in the industry. Learning a specific organization’s history, culture, and values is also often important to lead at this level.

What does a person in this career do?

You remove barriers! People come to you with problems or concerns and you help put together a plan to help directly or connect them with the right people, services, and other community resources to get things done. Your patience, empathy, and passion for helping others makes your community a better place to live.

Description of duties

Lead the design, planning, and implementation of food service and nutritional programs for small to large-scale food production operations. May supervise activities of staff or a team, counsel individuals or communities, and conduct nutritional research. May also specialize in specific types of food products, food production procedures, or populations within a community. Professional license required.

Quick Facts

Wage/Salary Range

Education & Training

Typical Work Environments

Personality Traits

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Sara Wattnem, Registered Dietician

Partners who hire for this position

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Dietary and Nutrition Programs
  • Food Production and Safety
  • Comprehend and Deliver Instructions
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Observing and Documenting Information
  • Customer and Personal Service

Other Job Titles

  • Dietician
  • Clinical Dietitian
  • Food & Nutrition Program Manager
  • Dietary Manager
  • Registered Dietitian,
  • Food and Nutrition Advisor