Direct Patient & Therapeutic Care


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Pharmacy Tech

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Senior Level


Pathway Category

Senior Level: These positions are typically high-level management or specialized positions and require significant education, such as a master’s degree or advanced doctorate degree, in addition to applicable licenses, leadership training, and extensive experience in the industry. Learning a specific organization’s history, culture, and values is also often important to lead at this level.

What does a person in this career do?

You enjoy working with people! Your critical thinking and problem solving skills help to diagnose, troubleshoot, and treat a wide range of injuries, disorders, and diseases for your patients. You don’t mind being on the front line of the fight to help keep members of your community healthy, happy, and productive.

Occupations in the Direct Patient & Therapeutic Care family focus primarily on changing the physical health status of patients through direct care, treatment, and health education. They spend most of their time working directly with patients to diagnose, troubleshoot, and treat a wide range of physical illnesses, injuries, disorders, and diseases.  Someone who enjoys working with people, doesn’t mind being around illness, and wants to make a difference in their community will like these roles. Travel is not often required, but there are a growing number of institutions offering in-home and traveling or mobile medical services.

Description of duties

Review, research, and dispense pharmaceuticals or specialized medical treatments prescribed by doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals. Educate patients about the appropriate use, potential side effects, and available refills for prescriptions or medications. Advise on the selection, dosage, interactions, and other considerations of medication therapy for patients. Professional license required.

Quick Facts

Wage/Salary Range

Education & Training

Typical Work Environments

Personality Traits

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Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Pharmaceutical Products and Safety
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, & Biology
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Active Listening and Communication
  • Medical and Office Software
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Other Job Titles

  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Registered Pharmacist
  • Staff Pharmacist