Imaging & Diagnostic Testing


Career Progression

Entry Level

Radiology Technician

Mid Level

Radiation Therapist

Senior Level

Radiologist, Physicist, Dosimitrist

Pathway Category

Senior Level: These positions are typically high-level management or specialized positions and require significant education, such as a master’s degree or advanced doctorate degree, in addition to applicable licenses, leadership training, and extensive experience in the industry. Learning a specific organization’s history, culture, and values is also often important to lead at this level

What does a person in this career do?

You have an eye for detail! You’re more comfortable working behind-the-scenes by running tests and evaluations that help to investigate, diagnose, and treat patients. Your sharp mind and problem solving abilities work best when put to use in a laboratory or other facility with less direct contact with the general public.

Occupations in the Imaging & Diagnostic Testing family often play a supportive role in running tests and evaluations that aid in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, injuries, or other physical conditions. This is one of the fastest growing areas of health sciences and offers a great way to enter the field without extensive education and experience requirements. These professionals will have some direct patient interaction, such as when drawing blood or taking X-rays, but most of their time is spent in laboratories or other off-site locations while remotely assisting health care professionals by conducting prescribed tests, investigating results, and communicating findings. These professionals may also make recommendations for additional tests or specialized treatments based on their findings. These roles are great for people who are curious, have an attention to detail, and like to solve puzzles or problems. New and exciting innovations to technology and medicine will continue to expand the opportunities in this family, especially in the areas of genetic testing, DNA sequencing, and on-demand advanced health screenings.

Description of duties

Consult with patients and health care professionals to determine needs for diagnostic imaging procedures. Research and analyze findings from scans to diagnose and develop treatments for internal diseases or medical conditions, sometimes through the use of radioactive or hazardous materials. May assist in the supervision and training of other radiology or lab support staff. Professional license required.

Quick Facts

Wage/Salary Range

Education & Training

Typical Work Environments

Personality Traits

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Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Radiology and X-Ray Technology
  • Advanced Biology and Physics
  • Complex Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Data Measurement and Analysis
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Advanced Medicine and Dentistry

Other Job Titles

  • Attending Radiologist
  • Diagnostic Radiologist
  • Interventional Radiologist
  • Radiology Resident
  • Staff Radiologist